Thumb Appliance

Thumb Appliance

If your child won’t stop sucking their thumb, then see our orthodontist at Full Smile Orthodontics for a thumb appliance. Dr. Daniel Adams will place this appliance in your child’s mouth in order to stop them from continuing a thumb-sucking habit that can affect the formation of their smile. We invite you to visit our team if your child needs to receive a thumb appliance in Carlsbad, California.

Thumb-sucking is a normal habit for young children to develop because it helps them sooth themselves. Most kids grow out of this habit between the ages of two and four, and it usually doesn’t cause any problems because they still have their primary teeth at this time. However, if a child continues sucking their thumb or does so vigorously, then they can alter the position of their incoming permanent teeth or even the upper palate of their mouth.

If you have tried every other way of breaking a thumb-sucking habit with your child, then you can visit our office for a thumb appliance. We will cement a crib of semicircular wires between their upper front teeth in order to stop your child’s fingers from reaching inside the mouth. We usually keep this appliance in their mouth for six months to ensure that the habit has dropped. Feel free to call our practice if you want to learn more about our thumb appliance.


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