MI Paste

MI Paste

If your teeth have started to show signs of demineralization around the brackets of your braces, then call our orthodontist at Full Smile Orthodontics about using MI paste. This paste can fight the development of cavities around brackets, strengthening tooth structure. Feel free to call Dr. Daniel Adams if you want to learn more about MI paste in Carlsbad, California.

It can be difficult to keep up on oral hygiene while wearing braces, but it is actually more important than ever. You must regularly brush and floss your teeth, especially around the braces’ brackets or else the tooth structure there may start to demineralize. This will first show as a white spot, then a brown one, and then the process of decay will begin to eat away at the tooth. If you are prone to tooth decay, have a decreased saliva flow, or simply want some extra help to protect your smile, then you may want to use MI paste.

MI stands for minimal intervention. This paste fights demineralization before a cavity develops by strengthening the tooth around orthodontic brackets with calcium and phosphate. MI paste can even increase fluoride absorption, helping to rebuild tooth structure. If you have experienced demineralization around your braces’ brackets, then using MI paste can help fight it.


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