MI Paste

MI Paste

MI Paste is a dental cream used by many holistic dentists to help patients strengthen their teeth. This biocompatible, sugar-free, and water-based cream is formulated to be applied directly to the teeth. It helps to condition, protect, and rebuild your teeth’s surface. 

MI Paste replenishes the oral mineral imbalances, thereby strengthening them. It also improves saliva flow and fluoride absorption, as well as soothes sensitive surfaces. MI Paste is unique because it is the only product for professional use that contains the active ingredient RECALDENT. This special milk binds the calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces.

How Does MI Paste Help in Dental Conditions?

  • They help to assuage dry mouth caused by using certain medications.
  • They reduce high oral acid levels from too much soft drink consumption.
  • They provide a topical covering to the teeth to relieve acid erosion, cavities, and medication-induced dry mouth.
  • The white spot lesions occurring during orthodontic procedures can be prevented.
  • They help reduce the tooth sensitivity experienced after professional teeth cleaning.
  • They offer protection against the acids released by bacteria and plaque.
  • High oral acids present in pregnant women can be alleviated by using MI paste. 
  • They provide a good shield for children’s teeth.

What Is the Procedure for MI Paste?

The best method to apply MI Paste is to place a small drop on your thumb, spread it between the thumb and middle finger, and then apply it on each tooth with one finger on the inner side and the other finger on the outer side. Most people find it easier to use cotton gauze to smear the paste. After about three minutes, you can spit the MI Paste to achieve the wanted results. Food can be taken after about thirty minutes after applying the paste. The same procedure can be repeated twice a day. Alternatively, the paste can be used with the help of a toothbrush. The mouth should not be rinsed for some time after the paste has been smeared on your teeth.

How Does MI Paste Help in Reducing Tooth Sensitivity?

MI Paste contains RECALDENT, a unique milk-derived protein that discharges crucial minerals such as calcium, phosphate, and fluorides into your mouth. They also help relieve tooth sensitivity by acting as a shield against plaque to safeguard the dental nerve endings. Additionally, MI Paste helps in replenishing the lost minerals back into the mouth. They are highly beneficial for tooth sensitivity caused due to cold or hot drinks and foods. MI Paste is completely safe to use several times a day.

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