Oral Appliances in Carlsbad, CA

Oral Appliances in Carlsbad, CA

Dental problems such as crowded teeth, uneven bites, and crooked teeth are restored using dental braces. But sometimes, braces alone are not a solution for them. Moreover, other issues, too, begin to develop that need to be addressed altogether. To treat these concerns, our dentist uses oral appliances in conjunction with braces. The use of such appliances straightens your smile to perfection.

Here are a few oral appliances that you can learn about at our dental clinic:

Bite Plate

A bite plate is used to fix the problem of deep bite. A deep bite is when your upper front teeth come down over the lower front teeth. The problem leads to a bad bite and also damages your lower set of braces. A bite plate made using dental-grade acrylic material, and metal clasps are used to restore your bite. The role of this plate is to hold the front teeth apart until they shift into a suitable position.


When the upper and lower jaws do not grow at the same pace, it may create poor bites and lead to dental problems such as severe overbite or underbite. Our dentist uses headgear to treat this problem. Headgear is also used when the braces alone cannot restore a crooked smile or a bad bite.

Palatal Expander

This orthodontic appliance rests along your top dental ridge and expands your upper jaw by applying pressure on the upper molars. A palatal expander is used to achieve a perfect smile. Our dentist will first examine your case, and if necessary to bring about a wider upper jaw, they will insert this expander into your mouth. You will further be given instructions on when and how adjustments have to be made.

Thumb Appliance

The habit of thumb sucking is prevalent in children, and a thumb appliance is used to address the same. Our dentist bonds a crib of semicircular wires between the upper front teeth of your child to stop their fingers from reaching into the mouth. This appliance is kept in the mouth for 5-6 months or until your child gives up on his habit of sucking the thumb.

Tongue Crib

Pushing the tongue rigorously between the front teeth may alter the position of your smile, which may lead to an open bite. A tongue crib is similar to a thumb appliance and helps prevent rubbing the tongue between the teeth. This appliance is made using semicircular wires, and our dentist places it between the upper front teeth. It blocks your tongue from pushing between the teeth, hence allowing them to close the gap so developed.


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