For Teens

For Teens

There are three words that every teenager dreads hearing: You need braces.

But don’t worry! Braces are not as scary as some people may think. While most people think of ugly brackets and wires that interfere with having a confident smile, braces are actually available in a variety of materials, colors, and styles to make your treatment more comfortable and enjoyable.

How Long Will I Have to Wear Braces?

The length of orthodontic treatment varies per person. When you visit with our orthodontist, Dr. Daniel Adams, he can evaluate your mouth and provide a personalized treatment plan, based on several factors, including:

Early treatment: Early orthodontics, typically around the ages of 7 to 10, enables our orthodontist to monitor jaw growth and determine whether future treatments will be necessary. Not everyone requires early orthodontic treatment; some are okay to wait until their teenage years.

What needs to be corrected: the length of your orthodontic treatment depends largely on what exactly needs to be corrected. Each person reacts to their treatment differently, so the same treatment could last for 12 months for one person and 2 years for another. Your treatment will depend on how well your body reacts to the changes being made.

You: another deciding factor in your treatment time is your willingness to care for your appliance and do your part. This may include wearing rubber bands properly, avoiding foods that can damage your appliance, and keeping your braces and teeth clean.

Braces Your Way!

Even though you may require braces, our orthodontist and team at Full Smile Orthodontics are happy to offer a variety of braces for you to pick from. Whether you want traditional braces or a more discreet treatment, we can help! Some of the types of braces we offer include:

  • Clear or ceramic Sapphire Braces™
  • Clear aligners, such as Invisalign®
  • Lingual braces (braces attached to the back surface of the tooth, instead of the front)
  • Traditional metal braces
  • Self-ligating braces

Braces are a part of many teenagers’ lives, and they can bring a big change for many people. Although braces have developed a bad reputation, braces today are designed to be more comfortable, more convenient, and more aesthetically pleasing. If you would like to learn more about our orthodontic treatment for teenagers in Carlsbad, California, we invite you to contact us today at 760.804.0080 and set up your consultation with our caring orthodontist.


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