Tongue Crib

Tongue Crib

A child’s tongue thrusting habit can alter the position of their front teeth, but Dr. Daniel Adams can help to break this habit by applying a tongue crib. We use this appliance at Full Smile Orthodontics to prevent the damage of tongue thrusting, giving us the chance to straighten a bite. Please call our orthodontist if your child needs a tongue crib in Carlsbad, California.

Tongue thrusting is a common habit for children in which they push their tongue hard between their front teeth. The force of this pressure can alter the position of their smile overtime, resulting in an open bite where the front teeth do not touch. This bite can cause chewing and speech problems, but it can be prevented with a tongue crib.

A tongue crib is very similar to a thumb appliance that prevents thumb-sucking; in fact, it can be used if your child has this problem and a tongue thrusting habit. The tongue crib is made of semicircular wires and is placed between your upper front teeth. The crib blocks the tongue from pushing between the front teeth, allowing us to close the space that has developed there. Call our office if you want to learn more about a tongue crib.


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