Headgear in Carlsbad, CA

Headgear in Carlsbad, CA

Headgear is a device worn on the outside of the mouth to gently apply pressure. This pressure can drastically change the way the teeth come together and align the jaw for the best possible smile. It is also essential to bring the bite together properly for good oral health. 

Most headgears are composed of three parts, namely the facebow, headcap, and attachments. The facebow is secured to bands on the upper and lower molars and extends to the outside of the mouth and around the face. The head cap consists of straps that help secure the facebow to the head comfortably. The attachments are elastic rubber bands that hold the facebow and headcap in such a way to put the right amount of pressure to move the upper teeth back in line.

What Are the Uses of Headgear?

Orthodontic headgear is mostly used to correct malocclusions resulting from a misalignment between the upper and lower jaw. Malocclusion is more than a cosmetic problem because misaligned teeth can cause other health issues, such as sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Many children might be scared of wearing orthodontic headgear, but if an orthodontist feels that it is required to correct malocclusion effectively, it should be worn. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Headgear?

  • Cervical-Pull Headgear

This is a common type of headgear with a U-shaped wire that holds to the bands of your back teeth and a strap worn behind the neck.

  • High-Pull Headgear

These types of headgear are normally used to correct an extreme horizontal overbite in children by stopping the upper jaw’s growth. It also helps maintain a proper bite and corrects tooth spacing after tooth extraction. 

  • Reverse Pull Headgear

It is usually utilized to correct an underbite, and it works by gently pulling the upper jaw forward and, as a result, allows it to catch up with the lower jaw. 


What Are the Benefits of Headgear? 

  • In orthodontics, headgear is used only when it is necessary. This includes conditions when a significant gap needs to be closed, the front teeth need to be moved forward, or when a severe underbite or overbite is hampering your smile.
  • It helps exert additional force. In most cases, the back molars provide adequate support to serve as an anchor to shift the teeth. In some cases, extra pressure is required to move the teeth more precisely. 
  • It can help speed up treatment in cases that are difficult and time-consuming to treat. 
  • Ideal results can be obtained if the headgear is worn strictly according to a schedule.


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