Two-Phase Treatment

Two-Phase Treatment

Two-phase treatment is a unique orthodontic treatment plan that combines adjusting facial or oral abnormalities with straightening teeth. By completing this treatment in two phases, patients can achieve optimum health, functionality, and aesthetics with their smiles.

What if I put off getting treatment?

Avoiding or delaying orthodontic treatment can be severely detrimental to your oral health. You could require more intensive or expensive treatments later on, and your oral health could suffer due to crowded teeth or a misaligned bite. By receiving early treatment, you can receive more effective treatment and longer-lasting results.

Phase One

Your foundation to building a smile that lasts a lifetime.

The purpose of Phase One treatment is to ensure that the jaw grows properly and remains aligned. This helps ensure that both the upper and lower jaws come together properly and that your teeth fit together. From an early age, children can show signs of improper jaw development, which often leads to a misaligned bite. Some patients may have an upper jaw that grows faster than the lower, or a jaw that is too narrow to properly fit all of the permanent teeth.

Children over the age of 6 who have signs of jaw abnormalities may be good candidates for early treatment. Children over the age of 8 who have crowded teeth can also benefit from Phase One treatment.

Planning now can save your smile in the future

Many children can greatly benefit from receiving Phase One treatment. By targeting and treating issues early on, our orthodontist can help your child avoid the need for the extraction of any permanent teeth or oral surgery.

Using records to create a personal treatment plan

During your treatment, our orthodontist will take regular, detailed records of your condition. This will help him identify your specific needs and create a unique treatment plan. Some of these records may include taking impressions of your teeth, photographs, and X-rays. When your child comes in for their initial consultation, Dr. Daniel Adams will take notes and make additional records to help determine if Phase One treatment is necessary.

Resting Period

After Phase One treatment is complete, there will be a resting period during which any remaining permanent teeth can erupt. We choose to wait during this time because using orthodontic appliances could cause the permanent teeth to erupt improperly. Instead, they have room to erupt and the freedom to move as needed.

Monitoring the progress of your teeth

When you complete Phase One, your teeth will not all be in their proper position; instead, the beginning stage is set for easier and more effective treatment in Phase Two. During the resting period, our orthodontist will monitor your teeth and determine if any remaining baby (primary) teeth need to be removed, so as to aid the proper eruption of your permanent teeth. To check your progress and determine if any treatment is needed, you will visit our office once about every six months.

Phase Two

Keeping your mouth healthy and attractive

Phase Two treatment is designed to ensure that each individual tooth sits in their proper position, and that the soft tissues (cheeks, lips, gums, tongue, etc.) do not interfere with proper tooth functionality. When there is a balance between all parts of the mouth, the teeth will fit together comfortably and properly for optimal health. To move any teeth into their proper places, Phase Two often utilizes braces.

During your Phase One treatment, Dr. Daniel Adams will take notes as to the progress of your oral development and create a treatment plan. You may need a variety of oral appliances to align your teeth and jaw, and to help you achieve your treatment goals. During Phase Two, all of the permanent teeth have erupted. Most patients require braces for about 24 months, after which they will need to wear a retainer.

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