Bite Plate

Bite Plate

A deep bite is a common dental problem, and people of all ages fall prey to the same. This problem is prevalent, especially among growing individuals. A deep bite is when your upper front teeth come down over the lower front teeth, thereby creating a bad bite. It can also lead to damage to your lower set of braces, if any. In this situation, you may need to wear a bite plate over your upper front teeth.

What is a Bite Plate?

A bite plate is a small acrylic appliance used to correct the overclosure of your teeth and jaws, helping you attain an ideal bite. Our dentist uses a bite plate during the beginning of your orthodontic treatment intending to correct your deep bites by preventing the back teeth from touching.

Two different kinds of bite plates are used, namely, fixed and removable, and our dentist would pick the most suitable one after examining your case.

Why Wear a Bite Plate?

  • If you are suffering from bruxism or grinding and clenching of teeth, wearing a bite plate will absorb the stress.
  • A bite plate helps to relax the jaw muscles to ease tension. It also relieves pain in the jaw joints. 
  • Some studies suggest that wearing a bite plate also restricts the progression of tooth decay caused due to bruxism. This appliance also limits the deterioration of the supporting bone.

What is the Bite Plate Made of?

A bite plate is made using metal clasps and dental-grade acrylic substance, resting inside your upper front teeth to open up your bite. The role of this plate is to hold the front teeth during your early orthodontic treatment. Our dentist will suggest you wearing this plate until your teeth are shifted into a suitable position or until your permanent molars erupt fully. A bite plate is customized after taking the impression of your mouth, thereby fitting you perfectly.

Once our dentist fits this appliance into your mouth, adjustments are made to optimize retention and comfort. You are further expected to care properly for the bite plate.

How to Care for the Bite Plate?

  • Our dentist advises you to brush your bite plate using cold water. You must brush the appliance right after eating; use a toothbrush to remove the deposits from it.
  • Do not use hot water on your bite plate as it may distort the appliance.
  • Upon wearing the bite plate, avoid flipping it with your tongue or fiddling with it.

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