Do I Need a Night Guard?

Do I Need a Night Guard?

Posted by Full Smile Orthodontics on Feb 9 2022, 06:18 AM

It is quite common for people to wake up with soreness or frequent headaches and wonder why. In some cases, the person sleeping next to them might complain about disturbing teeth grinding sounds at night. 

While some people are aware of the fact that they have the habit of grinding their teeth in their sleep, many others may not be even aware of this condition. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is often caused by stress. In some cases, it is a regular occurrence, while in others, it may only be occasional.

Dr. Adams at Full Smile Orthodontics in Carlsbad, California, can help diagnose and treat bruxism and also address any of your dental issues.

How to Identify Bruxism 

Bruxism or teeth grinding is, in many cases, not even identified or recognized. People suffering from this condition do, however, complain about headaches, soreness of the jaw muscles, and teeth wear. 

A qualified dentist can help you identify and treat teeth grinding. 

The first symptoms you should look out for are: 

  • jaw soreness
  • headaches
  • sensitivity to cold and hot foods as the enamel wears off exposing the dentin 
  • chipping of teeth or fillings

How to Manage Bruxism With a Night Guard 

The need to use a night guard or occlusal guard is often dictated by the severity of the condition. If a patient experiences the symptoms described above, the dentist will recommend a custom-made night guard.  

Wearing a night guard may take some getting used to as it may feel uncomfortable to wear while you sleep or affect the way you speak. However, these discomforts will soon wear off and you will be able to use the night guard regularly without any issues. 

To ensure a better fit and more comfort, talk to your dentist about custom-made night guards. They can help you get relief from all the discomforting and annoying symptoms of bruxism. 

Children can also benefit greatly from the use of a night guard. As their teeth are smaller in size and wear away quickly, children may incur damage and sensitivity sooner than adults. Although convincing a child to wear a night guard can be difficult, the benefits far outweigh the discomfort.

For expert guidance on the use of night guards in Carlsbad, CA, schedule an appointment at Full Smile Orthodontics by calling (760) 804-0080 or visiting our office at 6965 El Camino Real #201, Carlsbad, CA 92009.

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