Are You a Sugar Addict? Learn How It Impacts Your Teeth

Are You a Sugar Addict? Learn How It Impacts Your Teeth

Posted by Full Smile Orthodontics on Dec 3 2021, 02:42 AM

Our dental specialists at Full Smile Orthodontics in Carlsbad, CA, know that a diet that includes too much sugar can jeopardize your oral hygiene and health and advise patients to limit their consumption if they want to maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

Read on to learn more about how sugar can impact your gums and teeth and how you can prevent its damaging effects, especially if you happen to be a sugar addict. 

Sugar’s Impact on Your Oral Health

Sugar can have several harmful effects and impact the health of your teeth and gums.

White Processed Sugar Can Be Particularly Harmful

Solid sugar crystals, such as those found in processed foods, gum, and sweets leave a sticky film on your teeth that cannot be washed away by saliva. This leaves your mouth vulnerable to plaque buildup that causes tooth decay and gum disease. 

Sugar Attracts Harmful Bacteria

Sugar attracts and feeds the microscopic bacteria that cause gingivitis and gum disease. It can cause your gums to recede and ruin the protective tissues that keep your teeth in place.

You Should Limit Your Intake of Sugary Foods and Drinks 

Sugar is found in so many foods and beverages that it may feel overwhelming to eliminate it from your diet. However, if you want healthy teeth and gums, you should eat more foods that are high in fiber and protein, such as nuts, cheese, and leafy greens. 

Drinking enough water before and after meals also helps clear your mouth of bacteria and food particles by stimulating saliva production.

How to Prevent the Harmful Effects of Sugar on Your Teeth

  • It is critical to limit your sugar intake to reduce the likelihood of gum disease, enamel damage, and tooth decay.
  • You should incorporate healthy eating habits into your daily routine. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can boost the flow of saliva in your mouth and remineralize your teeth. 
  • Consume dairy products daily as the phosphate and calcium dairy contains can strengthen your teeth.
  • Last but not least, clean your teeth at least twice a day and choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

If you are a sugar addict and are worried about its effects on your teeth, contact Full Smile Orthodontics for the best dental treatments in Carlsbad, CA. You can reach us at (760) 804-0080 to book an appointment or visit our dental office at 6965 El Camino Real #201, Carlsbad, CA 92009.

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