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The braces hardware installed in your child’s mouth at Dr. Daniel Adams’s orthodontic clinic have been designed to realign their teeth to give them an appealing smile. This is done by tightening the orthodontic hardware at routine adjustment sessions. Each of these appointments will gradually stretch the periodontal ligaments anchoring their teeth in their mouth.

Each adjustment is also an opportunity to replace or repair any braces hardware that might have suffered excess wear and tear. If your son or daughter has noticed a problem with some part of their braces be sure to let Dr. Daniel Adams know about it.

Sometimes a spacer can feel loose or even fall out right before a scheduled adjustment session. In a situation like this you should call Full Smile Orthodontics for advice. In most of these cases we will simply recommend scheduling an earlier adjustment appointment.

Good oral hygiene habits are also important to the realignment process. Excessive wear and tear on braces hardware and cavities can increase the duration of the alignment process. If they are struggling to clean a hard to reach area Dr. Daniel Adams might recommend using an interdental brush, water flosser, or floss threader to clean away food particles and plaque.

If you live in the Carlsbad, California, area and your child has alignment problems with their teeth, you should call 760.804.0080 to set up a braces consultation at Full Smile Orthodontics.