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Today, unlike in the past, you have several options to choose from when you need your teeth straightened. Below are the variety of options from fixed to removable types of braces and aligners.

Traditional braces are the prevalent fixed treatment option. They consist of brackets that are bonded to the front of the tooth, and wires that are threaded through and tightened incrementally. Your orthodontist does the adjusting every four to six weeks and the results can be achieved in one to three years.

Damon braces are a newer type of self-ligating appliance that eliminates the need for rubber bands. With this type, the length of time needed to accomplish the result is decreased and the braces are less noticeable.

Invisalign aligners are custom-made, clear plastic molds that slowly adjust your teeth into the proper position. Every two weeks a new set of aligner trays is swapped out, and this repeats until the teeth are straight. You can remove the aligners for eating and toothbrushing, and they are practically invisible when being worn.

Lingual braces work similarly to traditional braces but are cemented to the interior (back) side of the teeth. For those worried about appearance, they are the most “invisible” type of fixed braces.

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