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Early to mid-adolescence is a time when the human body develops and changes dramatically. One of these changes involves finally losing all of your 20 baby teeth to make room for your 32 permanent teeth. It’s not uncommon for some or even many of these permanent teeth to come in out of alignment to some degree.

There are several possible reasons why Full Smile Orthodontics might recommend that you be fitted for braces. Most often it is related to alignment or over-crowding. If you had a baby tooth that was extracted early due to advanced tooth decay or a fracture, it increases the chances of these problems developing.

Malocclusion, which is an overbite or under-bite where your upper or lower jaw is larger or is positioned further out from the other, can also be mitigated by wearing braces.

How far your teeth are out of alignment or how much of an over- or under-bite you have, will greatly influence just how long you will need to wear braces.

If you think you might need braces, or you would like to learn more about being fitted for braces, please feel free to call Full Smile Orthodontics at 760.804.0080 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you develop an appealing smile and healthier mouth.