Rapid Palatal Expander

If your child’s upper jaw is too small, then our orthodontist can widen it by using a rapid palatal expander. Dr. Daniel Adams uses this appliance to shift the jaw so it will fit correctly with the lower jaw and allow the permanent teeth to erupt. Schedule a consultation at Full Smile Orthodontics to see if your child needs to receive a rapid palatal expander in Carlsbad, California.

A rapid palatal expander (RPE) is used to create more space in the upper jaw. If the upper jaw is too narrow for the lower one or if the upper teeth don’t have enough space to erupt, then this appliance can be used. The expander can widen your upper jaw to create a better bite and a healthier smile.

This appliance is cemented to your upper molars and has a screw in the middle that turns to create outward pressure. This pressure moves the right and left half of your upper jaw apart, allowing bone to grow in between. An expander works best when the jaw is still growing and can be used only before a patients turns 16, because the two halves of the jaw will fuse by then. Call our office if you want to learn more about the benefits of using a rapid palatal expander.