Children who are developing severe problems with their bite may need to visit Full Smile Orthodontics for orthodontic headgear. Dr. Daniel Adams will use this appliance to make sure your child’s upper and lower jaw are growing at an even rate that results in a stronger, healthy smile. Please call our orthodontist if you think that your child can benefit from orthodontic headgear in Carlsbad, California.

Although headgear is not commonly used for orthodontic treatment, it may be necessary for children who are developing a severe underbite or overbite. These problems can be caused if the upper and lower jaws do not grow at the same rate, creating poor bites. Pressure is applied to the growth sites in order to either increase growth or decrease it, depending on what the problem is.

Headgear is used when braces alone cannot fix a bad bite or crooked smile. It is often used with traditional orthodontics and is worn partially outside of the mouth. Usually the headgear doesn’t need to be worn more than 12 hours a day, so a patient may only need to wear it while they are home or sleeping. Please contact our office if you want to learn more about how headgear works to fix an uneven bite.