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Even though your retainer is made of durable materials, like metal and plastic, it still needs daily care and cleaning. If you take good care of it on a regular basis, it can help you maintain a straight, beautiful, and healthy smile. To help you keep your retainer in tip-top shape, Dr. Daniel Adams and our orthodontic team have provided the following information for you:

Step No. 1: Store your retainer properly – If you keep your retainer in a safe and secure place, there is a small chance you’ll lose or damage it. So, to help you properly store your appliance, we recommend placing it in its case right after you take it out of your mouth. After doing this, put the case in a safe place, like your backpack, purse, pocket, or bathroom drawer. No matter what, do not keep the retainer in a hot environment. The hot temperature can warp and reshape it.

Step No. 2: Keep your retainer clean – It’s important to wash your retainer every day so the plaque and bacteria will stay at bay. To properly clean the appliance, you can soak it in denture cleaner, like Efferdent and Polident, for the recommended amount of time listed on the cleaner label. When doing so, make sure you soak it in warm water (never hot water) and you also rinse it off before putting it back over your teeth.

If you follow our guidelines, you’ll be on the right track toward having a top-notch oral retainer in Carlsbad, California. To learn more about how to take good care of an orthodontic appliance, or if you’re concerned about the condition of your retainer, please don’t hesitate to give Full Smile Orthodontics a call at 760.804.0080 and schedule an appointment. We will be more than happy to help you!