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When braces come to mind, most people picture teenagers that try to hide their teeth when talking or are embarrassed to show their smiles. Even though that is the norm when it comes to thinking about braces, it is definitely not the ideal situation. The best time to think about braces is actually during earlier stages of oral development, around the time a child is age 7. It’s best to bring you child into (practice name) before or around this age for an orthodontic exam to get a head start on any problems that may be appearing.

By this age, most children have all of their primary teeth and are beginning to show signs of their secondary, or adult, teeth erupting into the gums. Developmental problems will first appear around the time the teeth start coming in, so it makes this the perfect time to begin watching for them and start correcting the problems that do arise.

At this earlier age, there are many developmental issues that can appear that would benefit from early orthodontic correction. Orthodontic treatment can ensure that the jaw and teeth grow in the ideal way, making them both functional and healthy for the rest of the child’s life. If you think you can put it off until the teenage years, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise when you find out the problems can be harder and more costly to correct because the teeth and jaws have had years to grow much stronger and are pretty set in the ways they developed.

If you make the responsible decision to begin guiding the growth of your child’s jaw and the growth of their adult teeth early on, you can avoid most of these issues and give your child a long life with a healthy mouth and the chance to experience life as a teen without embarrassing braces.

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