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Wearing braces used to be thought of as something awkward that children and teenagers had to endure to have a healthy mouth and winning smile. However, in recent years more and more adults have been coming to Full Smile Orthodontics to get a better understanding of how braces can help improve the alignment of their teeth.

The natural processes of aging or losing one or more teeth to tooth decay or extraction can alter the alignment of the surrounding teeth. These structural losses can often draw the other teeth to turn and adjust position to partially fill the gap. If these issues aren’t addressed, it can lead to alignment and bite problems or even increase the chances of chips and fractures happening on the neighboring teeth.

Having braces installed is also a great way to address any issues you might have with an under or overbite. Even if you’ve learned to live with the issue, it can still impair the full function of your mouth and increase your potential for chips, cracks, and fractures due to the improper alignment with the related teeth.

If you have unaddressed alignment issues, or you need to address issues with an under or overbite, you should call Full Smile Orthodontics at 760.804.0080 to schedule a consultation session to explore your options for the smile you’ve always wanted.